Beware Wolves in Sheep Clothing: Accepting Blatant Abuse in View of God’s Mercy (2)

Compassionate Love: Displaying Compassion for Those Who Struggle with Mental Illness, Addiction, and Abuse   (c)2018  Nancy Virden, Always The Fight Ministries

Abuse is in our American society’s collective consciousness lately.  First came a sea of sex abuse and rape allegations against famous men.  We watched giants fall, and former victims rise. 

More recently, we stare in disbelief as parents in California were finally arrested for having chained and starved their thirteen children. In that community at least, professionals are discussing with the public how to spot and react to abusive behaviors. 

What fascinates me is current responses from people who knew abuse or a crime was committed and did nothing about it.  Some make excuses, others apologize, and a few seem stunned at the suggestion they should have involved themselves at all. 

I pity those relatives and neighbors of the family in California who are second-guessing past decisions. One man said he has not been sleeping well since he found out how his young neighbors suffered. Several of those interviewed have expressed regret and guilt and wondered aloud what they could-have-should-have done differently. 

We do not know what we do not know

We can relate to them because scant few of us know what to do or when to do it in response to evidence of abuse  We do not often understand whether it is appropriate to call attention to bizarre behavior that may or may not be abusive. 

In the broader American culture,  abuse is a taboo topic. For that reason, good intentions do not always lead to knowing what questions to ask, where to search for answers, and how to incorporate safeguards.

The whole truth

We teach mercy and forgiveness in our Sunday services. Rarely does anyone preach on self-protection, the rights of victims, or how individuals and families can employ preventive measures.  Not everything is done for all to see, however, I have not witnessed an abuser held publicly accountable to the point of being thrown out of the church. 

The Bible addresses true justice. It tells us to be wise. It warns us against showing favoritism.  We are commanded to expose sin, to keep the Church pure of evil and hypocrisy,  and to stand up for the oppressed.

When we do not emphasize those things, it is the victims who leave the church, not the abusers. 

Don’t be wrong

Wolves dress like sheep and enter our sanctuaries – our homes, churches, and schools.  We buy into the gimmick and find ourselves hard-pressed to reconsider it. 

Wolves are counting on our rationalizations, excuse-making, and purposeful blindness. We fear to be wrong. 

So. don’t. be. wrong. Learn.

Speaking up is the only way to pull the mask off a predator and end abuse.

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Beware Wolves in Sheep Clothing: part one


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