Statement of Faith


My faith is in Almighty God: the heavenly Father, His Son Jesus, and His Holy Spirit. My knowledge of God is built on His Word, the Holy Bible. The authors wrote it under the supernatural guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Bible is my primary means through which I learn God’s will. 

God exists as what is coined “the Trinity”.  The Trinity is a mystery – three Persons – God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit.  Each member of this Trinity serves a different function, however, they work in perfect unity as One whole. They are not “three gods.” They are equal,  together being the One True God.

God is holy which means he is uniquely and perfectly free of wrongdoing. He created us, and wants passionately to be with us now and forever. However, humankind invited sin into the world, separating us from God, by disobeying him in the Garden of Eden. Since then, we have each been born in need of a Savior to restore our fellowship with God.

God’s enemy, Satan, a sinful (fallen) angel, does everything he can to destroy us and prevent our souls from knowing God. 

God’s Plan

God reigns over everything and everyone and is the only Sovereign. His plans and purposes cannot be thwarted despite how we feel or perceive the world. He keeps every promise written in the Bible. He takes Satan’s damage,  and works out what was intended for evil and turns it into something beautiful for the good of those who love Him.

God sent Jesus, the only birth-Son of God, to earth to be that Savior we need.  Jesus left heaven purposefully in obedience to Father and out of love for us.  On earth, he was supernaturally conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary. Jesus, being fully God and fully man, is the only member of the human race without sin. As such, he is the only one capable of paying the dues of our sin. 

Jesus accomplished this once and for all by his dual sacrifices of (a) coming to this planet looking like a man, and (b) suffering, bleeding and dying on a cross in our place. He came to life three days later (as was witnessed by hundreds of people), and eventually returned to heaven. Now he is the Head of His “Body” which is all believers collectively and known as The Church.  He will come back here with the power to punish sin and to take his disciples (those who trust in him as Savior and Lord) to heaven with Him for eternity.


For those who believe, our forever will be joyous and peaceful. We will be with the God we love, experience a total absence of sin along with all its painful consequences, and be completely content at all levels.  For those who refuse Jesus as the one way to God, eternity will be suffering along with Satan and demons in hell. Hell is utter separation from God and from all that is good. It is punishment forever due to unbelief and refusal to obey God. 

Our Responsibility as Believers

At the center of all sound doctrine is the cross of Jesus Christ. This is the gospel, the Good News.  As those who place our trust in God’s plan, we are to do all we know to do to bring honor to God.

Salvation is by faith alone. There is nothing we can do to earn or keep salvation because Jesus did all that for us already. Yet because God is so kind to have made a way for his beloved (you and me) to be with him as he always wanted, we are drawn to him and love him back. In loving him, we trust him, and so want to obey his instructions. Genuine faith lasts regardless of life’s challenges and aims to honor God in everything.  

The Holy Spirit is who opens hearts, providing insight into who God is so anyone can receive the offered salvation.  Once that step has been taken, heart-change is a process. We become less prideful and more humble and willing to yield to God’s will. We aim to exchange self-centeredness and fill up with love for others.  We share the good news of God’s salvation plan with those who may not know of it because we want to honor God and out of love for our neighbor.  

This progression is our responsibility as we put God first in our priorities and totally surrender to him.  By this we bring him honor and experience abundant life because of our wonderful relationship with him.

To Unbelievers

Meanwhile, God does not turn away sincere people who cry out to him and for whatever reason do not have time to change their ways. Death-bed conversions are real. However, because we do not know when our time to die is, it is wisdom to reverently fear God’s authority now. Besides, living a life of sin is not all it is talked up to be. Joy and hope of living for Jesus make everything else worthwhile. 

To turn to Jesus as Savior and Lord, simply ask him to help you pray. Then ask forgiveness for wrongdoing, and trust he has washed away all your guilt. Start reading the Bible (it is not chronological so I suggest the book of John first). Pray – that means talking to God. Look for other believers who believe all the above and are on the journey of heart-change. 

-Nancy Virden

Feel free to contact me with genuine questions.