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About How the Difference Maker Lifts You Above Depressive Thoughts:

“Full of practical ideas and scripture. I recommend it.”  -Pastor

“There’s a lot in there – I like it!”  -reader

“I loved your practical exercises-especially the one you made up about replacing a negative word with a positive word that starts with the same letter. You tied together Biblical principals with mental health beautifully. Giving an account of your own experiences/struggles will be very beneficial to people as well. I also like that you linked resources in the book.  I learned some new things too!” -reader

“I made copies for people in the church.” –Pastor

“Great job! And thanks for sharing. I will definitely recommend it to clients as appropriate.”     –Clinical Counselor

“It’s informative and helpful and i  am enjoying the flow of it.” -reader

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“Excellent!” – Facebook comment

“Here is an awesome easy read – chock full of ideas and wisdom!!!” Facebook share

“This is Awesome Nancy! So much work went into this project. God Bless You!” -reader

Great tips” – reader

About: Always the Fight Ministries

“You said exactly what I needed to hear.” -comment

“I can’t tell you how much peace has filled my mind. Thank you.– website comment
First I want to say wow. Your website is so powerful and helpful. Would you mind if I pass it on to any clients who have depression? As a therapist I was moved by seeing therapy from the other side of the relationship. It warmed my heart to know therapy helped you. I love what you wrote about hope! That is always my number one goal when helping people who struggle from depression.JR, Psychologist

“My sister could not stop talking about the retreat. She kept quoting you, “Nancy said…” Great job! – retreat attendee

“God is using you to bless others. Just be Nancy!” friend

“Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us.”  – website comment

“This class is growing my heart”class attendee

“I appreciate the time and effort you poured into this piece…You did a very good job constructing this writing. Continue to call upon His Holy name!”  Website comment

“You teach with a good number of interesting ideas and content.”  – class attendee

“You gave us a lot to think about” – retreat attendee

An excellent article, God has truly blessed you. Facebook 

“Thank you so much for sharing your story — so inspiring and I know it will help a lot of other women.” Lauren Brown West-Rosenthal (For Newsweek Japan)   Writer, Editor, Pop Culture Expert, Digital Content Strategist, Social Media Expert 

“Thanks so much for your input! It really helped.”  Wendy R.   PBS.org writer

“I … thought your story was a great fit for the piece I was working on.  The story is now live…!  Thank you again for opening up and sharing your story with me!”  Joseph Rauch.  Talkspace

“Thank you for your presentation yesterday! I could not wait to get home and read your book- what an inspiration you are. Some of your writings, I would just take and ponder. Especially Lazurus- wow. I never saw that perspective before. Thank you!”   Name Withheld

“I appreciate sharing and hearing from the heart. And that is what gives you the edge, truly- on helping us with helping our students! …thank you for your candid presentation.” Rebekah R.  School Teacher

“… you are so inspirational…definitely having you back – your message is absolutely on target for so many lost in the darkness.”  Dr. Charles Parker.   Psychiatrist, Founder of CoreBrain Journal, Radio Host

“I truly enjoyed our discussion … You were the most clear and engaging of all my guests on this issue.  Do let me know when you plan on being in the NY area.” Jacqueline Wayans.   Author, Singer, Radio Host 

“It was a joy to have Nancy on my Podcast. Nancy has a depth of understanding and experience that is very beneficial for my listeners.”   Tom Whitesel, Pastor, Blogger, Podcaster @ 24Today 

“We have had Nancy on our radio show several times.  Our show has a wide range of guests from all different backgrounds and Nancy has always been kind and respectful on every panel discussion, even when her position was outnumbered by our on air panel. Nancy is also a very open and selfless person who has given me invaluable guidance off air in some personal matters. I highly recommend working with Nancy in any capacity as she is a smart and high professional in any arena. ”  Nick Katsouros , Founder and owner of Tin Can Media

“I learned more in this seminar than in twenty years of social work training.”  Anonymous. Newport News, Virginia

“Thank you for coming. I think you helped a lot of people today.” Kathy N.  Event host

“Nancy, yours is exactly the kind of inspirational story we highlight here at WMAP. Our mission is to inspire and teach.”  Virginia Anderson  Production Assistant  WMAP Radio

“I will definitely be quoting you and linking to your wonderful website. You are so brave to share your story and to fight so hard to help others.” Elizabeth F.   Freelance Writer

“This is great, thanks!” Melissa Rudy   Staff Writer Spark People

“This interview went by so fast. Of course they always do with fascinating guests like you. Barry Eva   Host of A Book and a Chat Radio Show

“You are great at what you do! I can’t wait to see what you will do next!”  WM.   Facebook follower

“YouTube comments are very positive…  I’ve also received a few messages from people who had to face some difficulties in their lives and they liked the positive message of this podcast.” Sebastian Niegowski.   Podcast Host

“I have a great deal of respect and admiration for you and your many talents.  I pray the Lord holds you close …”  Linda L.    Food Service Manager

“It was great speaking with you! I know those who hear your message will be encouraged in their battle with depression.”  Ramona P.   Podcast Host

“I believe God has given you a ministry and it is exciting to see doors open for you to speak.  Not to mention that your books are well written and easy to read.”  JB. Retired teacher

“God has gifted you. This is definitely what He has called you to do”  DM. Event  Attendee

“This is so important, and no one is talking about it in the church! You’ve changed how I do ministry.”  Pastor Mark C., Ohio

“You are always welcome on anytime.” George Wilder Jr.. Podcast Host

“Nancy was a great guest on my radio show. Her ability to talk about dark experiences while sharing hope with my listeners was perfect for our mental health topic. I am inspired by her courage and positive attitude. She would give hope and perspective to any group wanting to understand life with depression.”  Amy Walker.  Executive Business Coach, Speaker, Corporate Sales Trainer, Author, Radio Show Host 

“Nancy is a fabulous story-teller. She shares from the heart on taboo topics that area now coming more into the light, depression and suicide. Her books are informative and what I consider a must read. As a former mental health professional, I believe the message Nancy is sharing is one that belongs at every dinner table, after all if we don’t talk about the difficult things, how can we ever find ways to help those in need? Book Nancy now!”  Caryn Fitgerald.  Author, Speaker, Professional Network Marketer, Executive Coach,  Former Podcast Host  

“Nancy Virden…  has a unique, powerful, and timely story…” Amp Harrell, WDKN Radio Host