Nancy Virden Seminar, May-2016Nancy Virden is the founder of Always the Fight Ministries, Christian mental health advocacy. Compassion is expressed for those fighting mental illness, addiction, and abuse, and for their supports.  Since 2012, Nancy has reached out to the public-at-large via blogging, books, social media, and sharing in-person or on radio/podcast shows. (See Events)

The purposes of this advocacy are to inform churches and the general public on meaningful ways to support loved ones who hurt, to draw a desperate population into a discovery of joy, and to openly discuss taboo topics. 

Always the Fight Ministries also introduces a path to a new life that many have discarded; that is faith. Hope is real. It can also be eternal. (See Statement of Faith)

To reach Nancy you may use the contact form or send an email to NancyVirden.hope@gmail.com. 

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